The relegation that Mary Magdalene suffered throughout history has been linked to the subordinate role of women in the Church, and although it is true that the Church has a special regard for Mary, a woman, mother of Jesus, here arises the problem that persists in society: even today, women are placed in one of two roles: the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene; The Mother or the Prostitute. A woman is either sinful or pure, and must deserve through her actions any respect she may get. A woman may be respected, but she must prove that she deserves this respect. 


This degradation of Mary Magdalene is just another example of a problem that persists in our society: the objectification of women, reduced to sexual objects, existing only through their usefulness to men and their perception. This work will therefore deal with the process of disfiguration and fragmentation of Mary Magdalene, from disciple to prostitute, using this fragmentation as an instrument to claim strength and to denounce the objectification of women.

This Collection was created using techniques such as Accidental Pattern-making and Volume-layering.